In Loving Memory of:

Luan Esterhuizen

03/04/1992 – 11/04/2014


Luan Esterhuizen started his show career at a very young age and in the Child and Junior handler classes was seen with a Rottweiler which was a concern to most of the judges.  I was not concerned, as the Rottweilers that he handled was gentle and loving and I would never jeopardize any child or person with a dog not being friendly, but the judges did not know that.  A very dear friend of mine, Joan Saward-Dumris, had a young Shiba male and Luan was given the opportunity to own this beautiful dog that was bred by Lois Wilson from the Sibra Kennels.  He loved Rusty and started showing him, taking him to many places in the Utility ring. His love for his dogs was just so special, always gentle and caring. We imported our first Shiba, Kintoki Toshiko in 2006 from the Kintoki Kennels in the UK, Alan and Cherry Wilkinson.  After Toshi we have imported more dogs from the Kintoki Kennels and will continue to do so.


Shiluan Shibas are raised inside our house with a family environment and raised to be confident, happy and are well socialised. When ready the pups will only go to approved homes. Our Shiba pack continues to grow and so does our love, passion and our respect for the breed with the guidance and assistance of Alan and Cherry Wilkinson.


We are happy to answer questions if you are interested in this breed.