Why buy Kusa registered Rottweilers and why are they more expensive?

The registration papers tell you everything you need to know on your puppies’ parents i.e. their hip and elbow grades, show results and working ability.


Kusa is the only kennel union in South Africa that requires breeding Rottweilers to be x-rayed for hips and elbows. Kusa is the only kennel union internationally recognized and requires dogs to be microchipped for identification purposes.

The following requirements have been listed by KUSA:

Females must be 22 Months old when pups are born;

Females may not have more than 2 litters in a 18 month period;

A female may not have more than 5 litters in her lifetime; and

Females may not be bred past 8 years of age.


We only breed with dogs that confirm the required HD and ED criteria and had several dogs with perfect scores.


What does the Hip Dysplasia scores mean on the registration papers?

Any dog with Grade below C2 may not be bred.


Very Important:

These scores are not averaged scores which means each score indicate results of a specific hip

Example: HD A1/A2 (Left hip=A1 & Right hip=A2) ED 01(Left elbow=0 & Right elbow=1)